My Short Bio

From the Streets to Code

Born and raised in NYC, I grew on the ruff streets of Spanish Harlem. Growing up in NYC in the late 70's and 80's was an experience to say the least. Crack was the new thing, disco was dying(if not dead already) Rap/Hip-Hop was in its infancy & there was poverty all around. Back then NYC looked more like what Afghanistan looks like today. Rubble where homes and buildings once stood, drugs every where, and graffiti was more of vandalism then art.

If you visited NYC today you would never think that some of the buildings your looking at where once crack houses or just a pile of bricks and wood.

Upon graduating from high school, I enlisted in the Marines, soon after graduating from Boot Camp and combat training I was sent east...far east that is to Japan. There was my first experience visiting and living in a foreign country. It was a huge culture shock, far from the streets that I was used to. I couldn't go to the corner "bodega" and just grab a bag of chips. Every one spoke a totally different language and the food was very different. But one thing that the Marines teach you is to over come and adapt to every situation and that's exactly what I did.

A few years later and more then a handful of countries and states I was stationed in, I decided to return back to NYC and begin my college education. Around this same time the internet was taking off, AOL was how every one got online and the AOL discs where always in your mailbox. It was then as a psychology major I said to my self "it would be really cool to have one of these internet jobs, I wonder how it all works?" Then it hit me, so I did a Yahoo search (Google was just starting out but not quite the king that it is today) and saw web design and development. From there I found a school and and switched with in a week.

My Experience

Web Production Specialist to Interactive Developer

After I got my degree of Applied Sciences I got my first job as a Web Production Specialist. Sounds fancy, but I was taking high resolution images and cropping them, editing them, taking the background out sometimes and getting them ready to be placed online for The Wine Enthusiast company. I also put my HTML skills to work creating landing pages, Email pages that would be sent out to customers, as well as putting new magazine articles on line. After 2 years my career started to take off, there was an opening for a Front End Web Developer for a advertising company called Unit 7 and I got the job, from there I really started coding, from HTML and CSS to PHP and some ASP, and of course Flash and ActionScript.

Next thing I know and a few positions later I was the a Creative Developer at PointRoll working on all kinds of brands, and complex units. You name it and either I worked on that brand or a brand that is very similar. BMW, Dodge, Jaguar, Toyota, Barilia, General Mills, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Ocean Spray, Disney, Disney XD, DIsney Infinity, Fox TV's 24 & the new hit Gotham, NBC's Ironside, TNT's Mob City, Grey Goose, Svedka, Heineken, Sprint, AT&T and if I keep going on my head will explode. Now I'm in South FL to make my mark and enjoy the warm weather.

How I Work

Sure I can be the hero and try to do it all but the reality is, it's a team effort. I'm just a cog in a machine there are producers, artists, creative directors, account managers, and project managers all working as a team to get projects done. Working in a collaborative environment is how the job gets done, on time and on budget and we all get to sleep at night proud and happy.

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